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capesandgasmasks asked:

I'm the crazy General-JWJ stalker from that livestream ! It's a pretty crazy coincidence we both have a tumblr about the exact same thing ... could you explain where the idea came from/when ? :D

Good question!  I’m going to answer this one OOC, for the benefit of the awesome new followers.  The long story short- I’m a singer, writer, actor, and game designer, but I cannot draw.  At all.  This is the limit.  So I was RPing Terezi decided ‘hey, I bet I can at least draw like this!’  And it turns out?  I’m pretty good at it : D So this not only acts as an outlet for my RPing, but also lets me draw- which I normally can’t do, and is pretty awesome.  So!  Welcome to all of the new followers- let’s hear some asks! >:]

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